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I Pre-Classical Economics (Pre-1750) Reading Class Slides Assignment
1.1 Introduction and Overview
1.2 So What Exactly is Economics?
1.3 Ancient Writers (Mostly Greek)
1.4 Medieval Religious Writers
1.5 Mercantilism
1.6 Politics & Revolution
1.7 Cantillon, Physiocrats, & Turgot
II Classical Economics (c.1750-1870) Reading Class Slides Assignment
2.1 David Hume & Adam Smith the Philosopher
2.2 Adam Smith & the Classical System
2.3 Adam Smith: Economic Growth & Price Theory
2.4 Thomas Malthus & The Population Principle
2.5 Ricardian Rent Theory
2.6 Classical Macroeconomics & The Great Debate Over Say’s Law
2.7 John Stuart Mill & The Decline of Classical Economics
2.8 The Marxist Challenge
Paper 1 due Sunday Oct 11
III Neoclassical Economics (c.1870-1930) Reading Class Slides Assignment
3.1 The Marginalist Revolution, Jevons & Menger
3.2 Marginal Productivity Theory
3.3 Capital & Interest Theory
3.4 Marshallian Economics I: Demand & Utility
3.5 Marshallian Economics II: Supply & Theory of the Firm
3.6 Walrasian General Equilibrium Theory
3.7 Welfare Economics
Paper 2 Due Sunday Nov 8
IV Challenges & Extensions to Neoclassical Economics Reading Class Slides Assignment
4.1 The German Historical School & American Institutionalism
4.2 The Socialist Calculation Debate
4.3 The Evolution of Modern Microeconomics
4.4 The Keynesian Revolution
4.5 The Evolution of Modern Macroeconomics
Term Paper Due Sunday Nov 22